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24 Dec 2006, 08:11
Style Blizzard - Design

>> Demo (http://www.gunbound-forum.com/index.php?styleid=8) <<


1. Extract the zip files to a folder on your computer.
2. Upload the image folder "blizzard" to your forums> images> (ex: forum/images/blizzard).
3. Login to your Admincp in your vBulletin Forum and Click on "Style & Templates" to expand the menu.
4. In the expanded menu click on "Download / Upload Styles" , a new page will load.
5. In the new page look for: "Import Style XML File" click on browse and point it to the .xml file that you want to install
6. Press IMPORT to complete the installation

Please do not distribute this skin without permission.
Thanks and Enjoy!.

MsN: Style.Blizzard@msn.com

Style Blizzard 2006


Other Styles Advanced:

Style Blizzard, more professional and elegant design.



Two Styles by Style Blizzard Advanced, Category Icons etc.

if you install this hack on your forums please remember to click on the https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/ (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/vborg_miscactions.php?do=installhack&threadid=134688) button. thanks.

24 Dec 2006, 14:37
nice... reserved. i will use it next month...:)

25 Dec 2006, 00:51
good lookign style. Will prob use this.

Masked Crusader
25 Dec 2006, 02:21
Finally...a dark style with some substance...INSTALLED!

Thanks for the great Christmas present :)

Masked Crusader
25 Dec 2006, 02:28
Quick thing. Any chance for a fluid version in the near future?

25 Dec 2006, 07:47
Quick thing. Any chance for a fluid version in the near future?
i will use the fluid version soon, thanks for your comments ;)

31 Dec 2006, 14:57
very nice still but i think u need to design layout for it
btw .. great work

01 Apr 2007, 11:34
installed ... many thanks :)

03 Apr 2007, 05:37
how do I add things to the Navbar? I added something but it doesnt shot up.

03 Apr 2007, 07:23
would love this in fluid :)

03 Apr 2007, 22:36
Very nice theme, very very thank you ;)

15 Jul 2007, 19:17
Very N1 !! I love it.

But i cant insal the Theme :(
I have any Problems with Version 3.6.7

Sry, but I need help :D