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26 Dec 2006, 19:55
Hello everyone :)

This is my first ever modification post, I have been working on a control panel style for a few days now and have made it to perfection, it has a dark feeling to it but the pink and red give it a bit of brightness so it doesn't look too dull and the gradients bring it too life.

The colours work well together, and unlike other styles I havn't just stopped at the main graphics and have payed a lot of detail to small elements that make a big difference such as the help icon, expand / collapse icons and the tick icons and many more minor details.

Install time: < 5 mins
Install Difficulty: Easy

Installation instructions:
1. Unzip the attached folder "Oith_Dark_Side"
2. Upload the folder inside into the folder cpstyles which should be in your forum root.
3. Log into your admin cp and expand the vBulletin Options category then go to vBulletin Options. Now from the options chose to edit Admin Control Panel Settings. Now simply just select Oith Dark Side and save your changes.

Change Log:
26/12/2006 - Original Release

I would love some feedback, as it took me ages to make. I have attached a few screenshots aswell.

Don't forget to click install, I will be updating.

25 Mar 2007, 05:59
AWESOME layout!

25 Mar 2007, 06:23