View Full Version : Big Board Question - thread related

28 Dec 2006, 20:36
I have a thread with 3,775 replies and 115,736 views.

I am wondering if this thread slows down the system? I could close it and start another thread if this is the case, i am just curious in regards to preformance.

29 Dec 2006, 18:44
3,775? that's it? ;)

I've got 8 threads that were capped at 14,999 replies....#9 is in process now, and it has 5640 replies as of a few seconds ago...I originally divided up the thread when it was in the 48,000 reply range....best to set a cap NOW tho and stick with it...I let these run to about 15,100 and then close, moving the last 100 replies to a new and renamed thread (ie: v9 or something)

it will be dependent on the size of your DB server and it's memory, but 15,000-less should be no issue.

oh yeah, ONE user has 1400+ posts in the above thread....and yes, threads in my chitchat corner count zero towards user totals...lol

29 Dec 2006, 21:49
Threads use "LIMIT 50000, 15" style queries, which means MySQL goes through 50.000 rows before getting to the 15 you want.