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31 Dec 2006, 11:23
in the news admin panel for vbadvancedthere is an option for:

"Show Post Icons"

This option is the $vba_options[portal_news_showicon]

Setting this option to yes does not display the post icons on the front page of the news as I think it's meant to.

In the adv_portal_newsbits template I have the following:

<if condition="$mod_options['portal_news_showicon']"> $vba_style[portal_blockbullet]</if>

Now that's the only occurence of 'portal_news_showicon' in my templates so I assume it's the right place but it's not doing anything and it's displaying the portal_blockbullet which I have no idea what that is.

What I think it should be doing is something like the following that can be found in the newsbits template:

<img class="inlineimg" src="$post[iconpath]" alt="$post[icontitle]" border="0" />

Now this doesn't work and I assume it's because it's only being passed for the posts and not for the news section.

Hopefully someone can understand the above and explain what the problem is. Does anyone else have their news module showing their Post Icons?

I've put together a few images to try and explain the problem.

This is how the post in our forum looks and the post icon is displaying fine.

I've used he following code in the postbit template to display this:

<td class="alt1">
<img class="inlineimg" src="$post[iconpath]" alt="$post[icontitle]" border="0" />

This is how our Front Page news module looks and the post icon isn't displaying.


I've tried editing the newsbit template but I can't seem to get the post icon to display.

Can anyone help?

04 Jan 2007, 16:40
Can no one really help with this?

It still doesn't look like it should be that difficult, I just can't figure it out.