View Full Version : What should the ratio of staff : Members be?

02 Jan 2007, 08:14

In your opinion, for a large board how many members for one staff. For example if you think 500 members per one staff member and you have 1,000 members, you would have 2 staff members!

Thanks, Jay.

02 Jan 2007, 12:39
I suggest laying the ratio somewhere else, on posts.

Per 1000 posts/day, I suggest having 4 supermods and 15 section mods.

02 Jan 2007, 13:19
I think that depends on your community as well.....there is no fixed ratio....

I have 18,000 registered users, 3500 posts per day, 1 admin, 2 supermods and 22 mods....the userbase of my forum doesn't dictate a need for more, largely because of the expectations that have been demonstrated to users with respect to post content.

03 Jan 2007, 15:53
Well my forum is small so i dont need this information, im just wondering. Im running 200 posts a day, 500~ members and 7,500+ posts.

10 Jan 2007, 04:13
I try to look at it more time wise. Ideally you would look at perhaps 1 or 2 admins to do technically stuff, and I would say 1 supermod for every 8 mods or so. Mods is where I try to work out the times. If I have say 5 forums, I will want mods scattered throughout the day to monitor posting. I don't want all 20 of my mods to be posters posting at the same time. Some boards are more regional so they will require less mods. Others are global and require mods for every hour of the day.

11 Jan 2007, 01:34
My current board specs...

11,300,000+ posts total
80,000+ Registered users
around 10k posts per day average

1 full-time Admin (me), 2 other part-time admins, 3 SuperMods.

Perhaps I should ask for a raise. :D

12 Jan 2007, 05:52
Hmm, well for us our staff structure is very different. Some how our user base is polite and welcoming for the post part, and I get one or two spam posts a week.

I won't us our names for the staff accounts, but here goes

1) We have a core team of Administrators who over see the website in terms of community issues (dramarama), staffing issues (hiring/firing/disputes/guides), creative development (content development I guess) In the past this has numbered 9 individuals. Currently it is 4. Including me.
1a) I am an unofficial leader in all areas, and I am the technical guru. Which is pretty funny to me sometimes. I work along side the site owner, who has been away for approximately 14 months.

2) We have 'Community Advisors'. They welcome new users via PM, and in the welcome forum, answer questions, and pounce on spammers and so on in the 'discussion areas'. In the past we have had...5....it generally sticks around that number

3) We have 'forum overseers and content creators'. They are charged with oversight with particular forums, and put up and develop content for those forums within a particular theme. When there is spam they ban the spammer, and flag the post for removal to the trash bin.
In the past we have had 35 of these. currently we have 16

4) They have assistants, who....assist them. They have no moderative abilities, but have an official capacity and duties in terms of replying to certain types of threads.
At one time we have 125 of these. Now we have around 25, if that.

5) We have 'scholars' community members who spend a lot of time creating content in a development area that covers all themes.
There are about 9 of these.

With ratio...erm...I don't know, our core user base is currently very small, but in the past has numbered around 500 people connecting at once. Which is when we had the staff numbers above. I hope that helps!

16 Jan 2007, 03:38
we do it by the volume of reported post. if its more than a person can handle a second person was added, weve got 9 staff now.

16 Jan 2007, 08:21
we do it by the volume of reported post. if its more than a person can handle a second person was added, weve got 9 staff now.

thats how ours works too.... we rarely get reported posts and only have 3 real supermods and thats all we need for now.

I really hope jelsoft fixes the infraction system because I really want to use it to do a "mob rule" system and that would virtually eliminate the need for mods completly.

18 Jan 2007, 13:59
Well I get about 1000 posts a day, and have in total including myself 2 admins, 1 smod, and about 5 mods. I think I need to find more staff for my site as they have a big job considering they do it for free, but they seem to enjoy it.