View Full Version : Do you find your traffic is seasonal?

03 Jan 2007, 10:22
We find that we are busiest between September and May, with traffic busiest around now (early January). So busy in fact that the number of visitors & registrations rarely gets as high throughout the rest of the year.
The summer is very quiet in comparison. To the extent that we could reduce the amount of bandwidth we pay for.
Any else find that their traffic is seasonal in this way?

03 Jan 2007, 23:14
Hurm, I might agree. I run a smaller local car enthusiast forum. In the winter months, it's very busy. Once the weather warms up, it's only busy during working hours (guess people are goofing off instead of working), come weekends the site slows until Sunday evening.

08 Jan 2007, 16:22
I run a fair sized gaming forums, and in the summer (summer break) and during the winter (winter break) my site has its highs.

04 Feb 2007, 14:50
ahh agree....end & begeining of a year we got more reg/traffic
coz of end of xams

Kirk Y
05 Feb 2007, 04:02
Yeah, we get a surplus of traffic after Christmas from all the people who buy the game our forum is about.

05 Feb 2007, 04:35
I checked out your forums they are cool.

13 Feb 2007, 10:14
I notice when school starts as we have a lot of science and education discussions. So every time a new semester starts we get an influx of highschoolers and college freshmen rummaging our boards and thinking they know the answers to everything...So August-October and January-March are our biggest months. Summers are less active but last year was actually very good from May-August which may be a result of having more members from Australia and South Africa, which have winter then.