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04 Jan 2007, 22:20
I put together a set of animated statusicon's for those that would like something a bit different for their automotive forums.......These were done by request and just thought i would share.

These are set up so that any color style you have will show with these.....so if you are using say, blue, the blue will appear through the wheels.....etc.

To install, just ftp these to your forum/images/statusicons and overwrite.....that's it.

Update 1.1

I just updated this set of statusicons. It now has a complete set of statusicon's. All you need to do is ftp these to your forum/images/statusicons and overwrite. Alot of these are animated, just to give your forum a bit more life.

These were completed by request.......

06 Jan 2007, 00:40
These should go very well with this set of buttons. (buttons.)

06 Jan 2007, 15:12
Thanks for making these up for me,,all i need now is a skin to go with them lol....


07 Jan 2007, 14:53
Not a problem at all..............

07 Jan 2007, 16:41
I like how there animated, looks very nice for everyone running car/race forums

And it goes well with your name :D

07 Jan 2007, 16:49
ALL i need now is a skin style...lol

08 Jan 2007, 04:32
I like them alot,

but the quick reply and multi quote kinda look a little weird being all bunched up and stuff, is there any thing that can be done about that? Just asking...

And it would be nice to be able to modify the key at the bottom and the post icons to match the thread icons, watcha think!

09 Jan 2007, 18:04
I will see what i can do with the multi and quick reply's.......wasn't sure what to do with em but i will change em...........and i am not sure i am following you on the post icon's to thread icon's....

You are wanting the key to be animated on the post icon envelopes?

13 Jan 2007, 05:10
No I am wanting wheels just like the ones that you have for the threads, that I can use for the posts....that is all, everything else is good and if you can't work anything out with the quick/multi it is cool!!

Just mainly interested in the animated wheels for the post icons so that everything I have will match.

13 Jan 2007, 13:48
okay, i will have a look at doing that today.....

15 Jan 2007, 16:37
Update is finally completed, very sorry about the delay on this, i've been under the weather this week.

18 Jan 2007, 06:37
You're just spoiling us car lovers with all your icons, aren't you? Thanks for these too. :)

25 Jan 2007, 04:46
This is a great update!!

03 Jan 2011, 09:04
Has anyone used these on 4.1 ?