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05 Jan 2007, 06:10
An alternative valentines design, that comes with both fixed width and the expanded width versions.

Live Demo (http://www.freevbulletintemplates.org/forum/index.php?styleid=35)

* PSD files included in the zip.


Upload the main style folder into your images folder, then install the xml files in the normal manner via the admin area of your forum.

Please click the "Installed" link if you use this style. Many thanks.

* Updated for 3.6.8

Cyber Smoke
05 Jan 2007, 06:24
Thanks a bunch, no doubt I will use it on February 14 ;)

05 Jan 2007, 09:04
Very nice, but ... any chance of getting the psds for small button (post_thanks) and the logo?

EDIT: Never mind... lol, didn't see the second folder it unpacked :) Very cute, and can't wait to install it!

21 Jan 2007, 02:41
Excellent Susie!

28 Jan 2007, 02:41
Installed :D

I will be releasing it on the first of February. You can peek on it then. Thanks for an excellent design!

01 Feb 2007, 14:16
Love the style...but I do have a question about styles in general...and this one in particular...

It comes in both fluid and fixed......can one be installed as a child of the other so I only have to edit the navbar once? or is that a no-no

01 Feb 2007, 18:52
im not sure to be honest lol ive nor experimented with child styles etc yet. i think maybe its a matter of creating a new style based off the parent once youve adjusted the menu. then you can set the width in the child style.

19 Oct 2007, 15:20
updated to 3.6.8

23 Oct 2007, 06:35
I love this one!

23 Oct 2007, 09:54
I love this one!

thanks Aimee :) i love it too. thought i have to admit, im a sucker too for the more traditional reds/hearts kinds too :p