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06 Jan 2007, 01:34
Alright, I don't know how many people actually want something like this for their forums but here it is.

Basically its a rank graphic that can be placed into your users postbit. I recommend postbit_legacy for this, simply because it looks better

In addition to the normal ranks, there is a separate zip file containing a couple extras I have created. For example if you want to have a "training" rank in between enlisted and officer, then there is a cadet rank in the extras file.

Also, with the rank files I included 3 warrant officer graphics, when these were made we were using the warrant officer ranks to signify moderators (junior WO being a new moderator in training, WO as a full moderator, and CWO as the head moderator)

I am more than willing to do any modifications to the graphics. Also in the extras folder there is a second version of the general ranks in a different color, as well as a couple with an extra line of text for adding positions and such

I should have taken the above paragraph out a long time ago, but I didnt. Anyway, I found the original .PNG files for these and have posted them (ranks_original.zip). Feel free to make any changes you want.

https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/ ____ https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/ ____ https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/

06 Jan 2007, 01:43
Ranks are the size of avys lol
Looks very nice, Eye catching

06 Jan 2007, 10:18
I would like to translate them in french
Are you agree to give the psd files ?

06 Jan 2007, 11:57
Nice job lov'em!

07 Jan 2007, 11:43
it would be great then :)

07 Jan 2007, 11:45
oh they look very nice! Awesome work

13 Jan 2007, 03:10
it would be great then :)

Yes I have them installed on a 3.6.4 version of vbulletin. if you would like to see what they look like in the post bit www.unitedbadboys.org/forums

Its a website I made for a counter-strike clan. The graphics were altered a little bit to show an abreviation instead of E-1, E-2, etc.

EDIT: unitedbadboyz.org was taken offline permanently.

16 Jan 2007, 16:42
I would love to modify all of the titles and incorporate them into our system..any chance for the .psd's?

I would be happy to put an acknowledgment into our footer with your info ;)

04 Feb 2007, 19:07
An Addon to this rank set has been posted:

06 Feb 2007, 11:32
Gee, I wonder where you got the inspiration for these?

Can we say Slight ripoff.

06 Feb 2007, 22:46
I obviously must admit that I have seen your ranks before, and have seen them before making these. I gathered ideas from multiple places, most of them were my own, the only thing in that graphic that came from you is the striped border on the left side that I placed stars on.

So maybe it did give me a little inspiration, A couple years ago a site I was an admin on was making rank graphics and was looking for ideas, one person brought up your site and we looked at them (among other sites) and tried to gather together some ideas, at the time we made something that was VERY similar to yours. At that point I made a couple that were very close to yours before I completely started over from scratch and made these ones, the only thing I took from the original graphics that my friend made was that striped section on the left side.

If I was attempting to ripoff your ranks they would look better than that. But if you want to go nuts over a 15x90px image of nothing but alternating lines then have fun

03 Mar 2007, 18:36
Can we get a simple explination on adding this to the posbit legacy template please?

09 Mar 2007, 03:59
You do not have to do any template or style editing to get these to work, so those of you who are dreading coding this out into the post bit, not to worry, Vbulletin has a built in tool that does the exact same thing without any painful coding.

It is essentially just a usergroup with a graphic assigned to it. Very easy, if anyone wants to see the overall look of the graphics after they are installed you can visit the unitedbadboys.org forums and take a gander around.

As for setting this up, I am more than happy to atempt to come up with instructions with screenshots and everything, but if you want to save the confusion I am more than happy to install it for you, all I would need is access to the admin panel (but that of course is if you trust me enough to go into your admin panel). I can say that it is not that dificult, its just a little tedious.

14 May 2007, 08:27
very nice...installed

19 Apr 2008, 16:12
very very good, thanks Grasty installed :)

26 Jul 2008, 15:16
hey, can you make the images called:
title: Leader & Founder

Also, Commander and Co-Commander?
Very nice ranks

11 Sep 2008, 01:04
oh yes grasty i am very very very much interested for army ranks for my forum. infact i have looked so hard for those. i am from pakistan and would want pakistan army ranks for my users. please oh pretty please tell me how to do it cause i dont have neither icant use photoshop.....

29 Sep 2008, 08:21
wow there huge lol.

26 Jan 2009, 20:38
These are AMAZING, marked as installed!!!

Keep up the awesome work!


21 May 2010, 13:36
I apologize to anyone who asked for some of the graphics to be changed and didnt get a response, but at this time I can not accommodate any requests.

First off, I dont even have the files any more (That I know of), they probably got lost in some computer crash somewhere along the line.

Second, I rarely, if ever check this thread. I submitted these ages ago and didnt exactly expect it to get to over 1000 downloads.

If I end up finding those files, I will post them so you can make your own edits. They are made in Macromedia Fireworks, not Photoshop ... so they are .PNG files ... but they should still work in Photoshop.

Again, thanks for the support, and glad these could help some of you :)

EDIT: I found them, as promised, they are available for download, feel free to make any changes.

06 Aug 2010, 02:17
I have Full Ability to modify these images. I have extensive experience with PS and have already done some small modifications for my board to suit my needs including color changes, Title change and image changes. If The original Coder has no objections I can modify to suit users needs. Obviously I would give credit back to this mod for the original design.

Please Note You MUST Edit your Stylevars in 4.0 and up for all your active styles or these images will overlap other information on the users friends list.

Edit stylevar: profile_content_friends_list_border
You can play around with it but
I recommend Width= 55px color =transparent

06 Dec 2010, 23:00
If The original Coder has no objections I can modify to suit users needs. Obviously I would give credit back to this mod for the original design.

Your free to do whatever you want to them, just glad there was an interest/desire for them.

10 Dec 2010, 08:06
Can i translate it to persian?