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06 Jan 2007, 19:38
This style was developed by my development firm Epic Designz. This style is free to be used on any forum provided that you retain the small promotional message in the footer (We made it as unobtrusive as possible.) We do offer a branding removal service in exchange for a donation, so feel free to send me a PM if you're interested in that. The package includes the full set of PSD's, so you can make changes to suit your board or apply the same layout to non-vBulletin portions of your site. If there are any problems with the style, please report them to me in this thread, so I can get them resolved as quickly as possible.

Installation Instructions: Click Here (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showpost.php?p=787027&postcount=024)

07 Jan 2007, 05:33
Mild disappointment :( thought my luck had changed..... there was a really cool skin called 'Cyborg' way back for vB 3.4.x

07 Jan 2007, 15:48
Sorry for the let down :( - I just usually use the first name that pops into my mind when I complete a style and look through it.

08 Jan 2007, 00:17
Omg great skin dude!

Mr Pink
08 Jan 2007, 17:44
Really beautiful style. I only dislike buttons. :p

09 Jan 2007, 23:25
Great template.. got 1 question... on main index page i want to put Login and Stats at top and have full width index... how easy is this to do... and what part of the template should i change... cheers

Clicked install

10 Jan 2007, 00:06
Those blocks are in the FORUMHOME template - You'd just have to move them around a bit in there to get them up at the top.

10 Jan 2007, 20:49
Whicked m8... cheers

12 Jan 2007, 20:02
Whicked m8... cheersGlad you like it :)

x ViruS x
15 Jan 2007, 05:41
Do you have a .psd for the header?

15 Jan 2007, 12:33
No, but the text just has a gradient overlay with a 2px stroke and a light green outer glow.

03 Jan 2008, 14:43
Thanks mate,Works like a charm!

03 Jan 2008, 19:06
the live demo does not work. Please fix this.

04 Jan 2008, 19:31
It's the site that doesnt work!

04 Jan 2008, 19:33
maybe someone doesn't pay their bills? :D

04 Jan 2008, 20:45
Wonderful Style.Thanks

michael million
06 Jan 2008, 11:56
Want to see a Demo??? I can't find it... the link doesn't run ...

Thx so long

11 Jan 2008, 18:02
Same here, links gone.

17 Jan 2008, 22:24
you can see a demo Here (http://phoenixtw.info/?styleid=43)

20 Jan 2008, 12:08
bad link.

20 Jan 2008, 14:47
Then try daz1967's link... it's working.

Bruce Lee JR..
29 Jan 2008, 05:00
Sorry Andrew, but this isn't a good template. There's two user control panels, 3 private messages, when adding a modification the "Quick Link" and the "Search" button won't scroll down. Many errors with it. Thank You anyways. I really enjoyed the colors and everything else except those errors.

Bruce Lee JR..