View Full Version : Serious Install Issue

07 Jan 2007, 00:36
Ok, I'm really wary of installling this hack because of several issues I am having. First, I uploaded all the necessary files and images (with no problems), then I went on to global.php and showpost.php and looked for the key code phrases where I was to add in the new code. This is where I had my problem. in global.php, the install file said to look for require_once('./includes/functions.php');. I could not find this in my global file. I went on to showpost.php and tried to find $post = $DB_site->query_first(" just as the instructions said, but I could not find that either. I found several (but not all) of the variables I was told to look for, but the fact that I cannot find some of the variables does not sit well with me and I do not like the idea of editing my code when I don't know what I am doing. Is there something wrong with my board or something wrong with me. Am I just doing it wrong? I stopped looking for the variables and did not make any code changes and I will wait until someone can help me.

23 Jan 2007, 04:07
what is your version?