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07 Jan 2007, 09:24
Sudoku for vBulletin
(without plugin)

Description: Add one page with Sudoku Game without plugin, juste a new template
Create a new template called: "custom_sudoku"
Add inside (work with FF and IE):
<title>$vboptions - Sudoku</title>
<br />
<table class="tborder" align="center" border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="1">
<td class="tcat" colspan="2"><center>Sudoku</center>
<tr height="500">
<td align="center" class="alt1">
<IFRAME SRC = "http://www.free-sudokus.com/1/8.html" width="435" height="435" scrolling="no">
<td class="thead">Rules</td>
<td class="alt2">
<div style="font-weight: bold;">Short rules</div>
<div class="smallfont">It is necessary to fill the railing by using figures from 1 to 9. Necessarily only once in every line, column and square of 3 x 3.
<br />
<div style="font-weight: bold;">To resume the vocabulary of the guide</div>
<div class="smallfont">It is necessary to fill the railing by using 9 given symbols (Generally figures from 1 to 9, or letters indicated at the foot of the railing). Necessarily only once (but no more) on every line, column and region (or squared by 3 x 3).</div>
<td class="tfoot" colspan="2"><div class="smallfont"><B>Options:</B> <a href="$vboptions"> Home</a> | <a href="$vboptions[bburl]/misc.php?do=page&template=sudoku">Delete Railing</a></div></td></tr></tbody>

Url for play: .[B]./misc.php?do=page&template=sudoku[B]PS: If you use this mod, please to click on Install (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/vborg_miscactions.php?do=installhack&threadid=135768) please ;)
PS: Idea from "cclaerhout"

07 Jan 2007, 14:34

You will probably want to include:

$navbar beneath $header so everyone's navbar will work properly on this page.

Also if you use a drop down from your navbar as I do for my arcade or other entertainment you can add this for a menu item.

<tr><td class="vbmenu_option"><a href="$vboptions[bburl]/misc.php?do=page&template=sudoku">Sudoku</a></td></tr>

13 Jan 2007, 20:29
Nice, thx to both of you..

16 Jan 2007, 06:46
wa wa wa. i like sodoku. thank you very much. i'll install it now

17 Jan 2007, 09:20
Thanks Allan.

How do I translate the Sudoku title and the rules?

I tried $vbphrase[Sudoku] but it didnt work.

30 Jul 2007, 17:46
great hack thanks

03 Aug 2007, 15:13
I tried $vbphrase[Sudoku] but it didnt work.

It's written directly into the template itself:

<td class="thead">Rules</td>
<div style="font-weight: bold;">Short rules</div>

If you want, you should create your own custom phrases in the Admincp Phrase Manager, and then $vbphrase[sudoku] will work in the template.

silver surfer
18 Dec 2007, 16:27
THNX !!!


good work, guys.

*silver surfer clicks "installed" *

25 Dec 2007, 09:01
Very nice. Thank you.

14 Jan 2008, 13:24
Sorry for what is probably a silly question (I'm a fairly new vB owner) but is this something I can give permissions to certain user groups for?

Thank you. :)

15 Feb 2008, 14:06
i want to add this in navbar.what kind of code i need to put and where i need to put?any help?

17 Feb 2008, 15:45
Open the 'navbar' template and find this line...

<td class="vbmenu_control"><a href="calendar.php$session[sessionurl_q]">$vbphrase[calendar]</a></td>

Below it, add....

<td class="vbmenu_control"><a href="http://www.domain.com/forum/misc.php?do=page&template=sudoku">Sudoku</a></td>

(insert your own domain)

Save and Close.

Exit ACP and reload.

21 Feb 2008, 21:14
Thanks glennybee for help.

26 Feb 2008, 03:34
OK, this is going to sound stupid, but how do I add a new template? Do I have to do it for every skin I have, or is this something different?

29 Feb 2008, 16:59
Go into Style Manager, click on the drop down menu for the desired style and select 'add new template'.

Deadly Assassin
13 Jul 2008, 08:13
Excellent thanks!

I added it as a page in my CMPS, it works a treat.


19 Aug 2008, 22:43
worls great on vb 3.72.. would love to know how you got into your cmps? pretty please?

15 Nov 2008, 01:11
Installed on 3.6.8 Pl2 and it works perfectly thanks :)
Marked as installed.

15 Nov 2008, 14:09
sorry but how do l create a new template

15 Nov 2008, 19:19
sorry but how do l create a new template
I had no idea either but searched using the Useful Links/Reference Manual:


16 Nov 2008, 18:14
made the new template but were do l add the last part the url ../misc.php?do=page&template=sudoku

25 Nov 2008, 22:30
will this game slow down the rest of the site