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10 Jan 2007, 00:05
What is this?
This small template modification adds a small icon in your post bit that when clicked will paste the thread link automatically into yahoo messenger for you to send to friends..


Download the yahoomsg1.zip

Extract it.

Upload the image to /images/buttons/ on your server.


Login into your Admin Panel.

Go to Styles and Templates > Style Manager > (Choose the appropriate theme) Select Edit Templates from the drop down list.

Find the template:
Postbit Templates >>
Choose Postbit_legacy or Postbit depending on which you are using.(Postbit Legacy is when your avatar etc is on the left of your posts, and Postbit is when the avatars etc are above your posts)

<div>$post[icqicon] $post[aimicon] $post[msnicon] $post[yahooicon] $post[skypeicon]</div>

<div>$post[icqicon] $post[aimicon] $post[msnicon] $post[yahooicon] $post[skypeicon] <!-- Yahoo -->
<span> <a href="ymsgr:im?+&msg=Check+this+out+{$vboptions[bburl]}/showthread.php?t={$thread[threadid]}" target="_blank"><img class="inlineimg" src="images/buttons/yahoomsg1.gif" alt="Submit to Yahoo Messenger" border="0"/></a></span> <!--/ Yahoo --> </div>


You must have Yahoo messenger for this to work, and yes all it does is save you copy and pasting a thread link into yahoo messenger:D

12 Jan 2007, 11:53
I don't get it all skins comes with yahoo buttons

12 Jan 2007, 12:16
I don't get it all skins comes with yahoo buttons

Its not to show your Yahoo! Messenger status, its like 'Tell a friend about this post' . It will be like 'Tell a friend on yahoo messenger (like in chat window) about this page'.

Please correct me if i am wrong!

12 Jan 2007, 18:03
Correct it takes the thread link and pastes it into your yahoo messenger...:D

13 Jan 2007, 21:34
Can you make an MSN messenger version of this? :)

The Fat Boy
01 Oct 2007, 22:40
I think I can do an AIM version of this... has it been done?

The Fat Boy
02 Oct 2007, 03:58
i did it... simple code edit... do i need to make my own post? how do i do it?