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12 Jan 2007, 13:14
Curious on this more than anything....I browse quite a few other forums and always notice their registered users and guest counts....it always seems that their guests are double their online registered...

mine is always the opposite...if there are 500 online, it's 300 registered and 200 guests...I've always considered this a good statistic, assuming that my site is more likely to get folks registered and active versus just passing thru.

is there a reason my guest count is so low, or that the guest count of other sites is so high?

14 Jan 2007, 10:58
I guess the guest count is something that you cannot change? Live with it as long as you have done everything possible to attract new guests

14 Jan 2007, 11:18
My guest count :

1 user:5 guests :)

15 Jan 2007, 17:47
One to five seems to be the norm on bigger boards, I have a smaller board with 1:2

17 Jan 2007, 15:36
just redid my robots.txt file to no longer limit the Yahoo Slurp Spiders....

not surprisingly, ratios are more normal...currently:
Currently Active Users: 856 (339 members and 517 guests/spiders)

guess that answers that....

18 Jan 2007, 12:42
mines about 50/50 sometimes 40/60 (members/guests)

24 Jan 2007, 18:14
also figure the number of visitors that are members not logged in yet. Since the default time frame is 15 minutes, eveyone who goes to the board and logs in counts as 2

17 Apr 2007, 13:03
How do you set the setting for the ratio?

17 Apr 2007, 17:39
I've noticed that people who have their "keep user logged in" option set for some ungodly high count, like 30 minutes tend to have a TON more guests. If you notice, the slurps and spiders tend to use different IP addresses. People who have their forums set to super long keep user active variables are full of slurps and spiders as guests.

I guess they think it makes the forum look more active. :confused:

My guest count is NEVER higher then my logged in user account. Usually 200-250 users logged in, 60-80 guests