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13 Jan 2007, 08:00
On my forum display, there is a floating list of headers that is driving me mad!

I've attached a screenshot to illustrate the problem I am having. See how above "Community Administration" there is Forum, Last Post, Threads, Posts, Moderator? That is supposed to be in the line next to "Community Administration" and it's not. I don't know what file to look at to fix this (new to vB, but not new to HTML/PHP).

(See screenshot - I outlined the extra floating table in yellow, and the areas where the info is missing in red.)

I'd also like my column widths to match up and re-order the column headers to be Forum, Threads, Posts, Last Post, Moderator(s).

Guidance is appreciated. :)

13 Jan 2007, 08:17
Well, I made progress. I replaced my template's FORUMHOME and forumhome_forumbit_level1_nopost template files with the default and Now my floating header box is no longer floating, but the column headers are not below each category like I would like them to be.

Screenshot 2 is how it looks now, and screenshot 3 is how I want it to look, with red boxes indicating the changes I am trying to make.

13 Jan 2007, 14:02
The only way to do what you want is to set fixed width for forum, and then set fixed width for that table and every column of that table. Hovewer browsers will still change width if needed depending on content of table cells. So ether way you won't be able to do that for 100% and sometimes table cells will change width.

Look for this code in forumhome and forumhome_forumbit_level1_nopost templates: <tr align="center">
<td class="thead">&nbsp;</td>
<td class="thead" width="100%" align="$stylevar[left]">$vbphrase[forum]</td>
<td class="thead" width="175">$vbphrase[last_post]</td>
<td class="thead">$vbphrase[threads]</td>
<td class="thead">$vbphrase[posts]</td>
<if condition="$vboptions['showmoderatorcolumn']">
<td class="thead">$vbphrase[moderator]</td>
and assign width to every <td>

13 Jan 2007, 22:10
I actually fixed that part last night (forgot to mention above, I see) so now it's just getting the column headers to show where I want them to. :)

Thank you!