View Full Version : Database question for you Big Boarders

14 Jan 2007, 01:03
We are moving to a server that currently only has SQL installed on the server. The tech team is modifying vbulletin somewhat to match the SQL database. I am concerned about doing this so I decided to come here and ask. Do you guys run your forums on a SQL database or a MySQL database? Also, if you run it on a MySQL database, is there any issue in running MySQL and SQL side by side on the same server? Thanks for responses.

14 Jan 2007, 01:09
I am aware of one vbulletin owner that modified VB to run on postgresql. I have never heard of anyone doing it on MS SQL.
As for running the two side by side there's nothing that will inherently stop you but if your forum gets any kind of business I think your going to have major performance issues fairly quickly

14 Jan 2007, 01:27
i c. right now we pull around 30 to 40 users online at a time. we have a merger coming up and the way we have been growing recently im expecting closer to 100 when its all said and done. i know that doesnt require a significant server and we have a server lined up but it has sql on it. we want to be able to grow so the really cheap shared hosting you can buy is out of the question, but its not really worth it to fork out hundreds of dollars for a dedicated server each month. im trying to find something that has mysql on it and allows us to grow.

14 Jan 2007, 02:13
you should be able to handle 100 users pretty easily.
I should have asked, is the SQl doing anything or just installed?
If it's just installed set the services to never start and you'll be fine.

14 Jan 2007, 02:28
nah its doing something. its running multiple other boards. im starting to look into vps solutions. i think perhaps going with a vps that allows mysql might be better. itd take us a lot more users to max out a good vps