View Full Version : Advice : On selling vBulletin licence?

14 Jan 2007, 18:49

I have a vBulletin licence I am thinking of selling.

Whats the best way around doing this? - And what has to be done.

I dont have a clue about it!! :confused:

14 Jan 2007, 19:49
Your license has to be 3 months old before you can sell it first off. And then your better using a site like this below to advertise it on for sale.

if somebody is interested, you both have to go back to vBulletin then and do the transfare with them to the new owner.


14 Jan 2007, 19:55
Can it be done with a leased licence?!

14 Jan 2007, 19:57
I'm not sure, but there would not be much point in selling a leased license really as it only lasts 12 months anyway, unlike a owned license.

You'd have to ask that question over at vBulletin.com

14 Jan 2007, 20:04
Can it be done with a leased licence?!

Has to be an owned license. It's all in the TOU that you agree to when downloading. :)