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17 Jan 2007, 06:06
Hey folks,

I am working on a small project with a friend relating to a saltwater aquarium club of ours vbulletin board. In short, we use vbulletin to keep data relating to a program in our club. We have that data very standardized so we can read it out directly of the database and then create some numbers and basic statistics.

After we are done with that, we'd like to report the results back to the forum by changing the contents of the first post a sticky thread in one of our forums. So, it's easy enough to create the post text and update the appropriate row in the vb_post table. However, then that data needs to be parsed to update the appropriate data in the vb_postparsed table.

And we're trying to decide what the best way is to do that. I mean, we COULD easily enough just sort of hack at the process, parse it ourself manually, and then update the vb_postparsed table ourselves as well as the vb_post table.

However, we feel it would be MUCH more elegant to somehow use built in vbulletin functionality to parse and update that table.

So I was hoping someone might have a tip on the best way to accomplish that last piece of the puzzle. Any thoughts, suggestions, tips, etc?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

17 Jan 2007, 06:32

lots of parse functions, not sure if that would help. And if you check out the articles forum there should be something. Im still trying to get used to this forum now or else i would point you to the article. But theres articles about editing posts and what not.