View Full Version : Im combining 3 big boards, thoughts on this idea...

18 Jan 2007, 10:55
SO i want to combine 3 big boards, and two ways of doing this came to mind:

1) Just impex them all together to make one massive forum\

2) Keep them all separate but impex the users togehter, then use the shared userdatabase hack to share the userdatabase between the three, but keep everything else separated in terms of databases.

My goal is to have a shared user database that can post equally among the three boards. Both solutions #1 and #2 would work just fine for my goals and i've figured out the logisitics on how to do it all.

My question is this, from an efficiency standpoint, do you all feel there is an advantage to doing it one way or another? Will one method have a much higher daily server load then the other ? This is the part I can't get over, the worry that in the long run one of those methods is going to be alot worse then the other.

Thanks for the help!!

18 Jan 2007, 12:31
I would do it a way where you could fully test how it goes, but then have the choice of doing it the other way if you feel that does not work for your needs. not sure which one first, or if it would be possible to change after impexing them together, but good luck.