View Full Version : HELP I just transfered my website and there is an error!

18 Jan 2007, 16:22
Alright, I transfered my website to SiteGround from 1and1, used a backup of the database on siteground and uploaded my website, now whenever I try to get into the admin cp it just redirects me back to the login page where I first began, I have no idea how to fix this... Please someone PM me or help me here. I think it has something to do with the cookies maybe?

27 Jan 2007, 09:27
siteground sucks man i have been with them for about 1 year and believe me i have lsot my half visitors right now i m with http://www.ansarisoft.com

they are damn too good and quick in response let me know i can get you some cheap deals from there and ther host is best (for me at least)