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11 Apr 2001, 04:31
This little hack enables you to look for new registered users and quickly bulk-move them into a custom usergroup of your choosing.


Installation is as simple as it possible could be: just download the attachment to this post, unzip it and place it in your admin folder.

If you have a particular custom usergroup that you are likely to be using often, you will find a variable at the top of the script called $default_selected_usergroup_id which you can set to equal the usergroupid of the usergroup you want to be selected by default when you open the page.

Then open it with a web browser pointing at http://yoursite.com/forums/admin/moveusers.php. You could add a link to the main control panel navbar, but that's simple HTML so I won't go into any details here.

Enjoy :)

11 Apr 2001, 04:33
cool :D

something for 2.1 i suppose ?

11 Apr 2001, 05:50
Awesome, as usual, Kier. :)

Someone the other day told me now that you've joined the dev team, I have to take your place making cool hacks. Good to know I have some more time before I have to learn that much PHP and MySQL. :eek: God knows I need it! ;)

11 Apr 2001, 05:56
just amazing!!

Great hack!!
thanks :D

11 Apr 2001, 12:11
Your are a crazy man Kier :rolleyes:


M. James
11 Apr 2001, 21:16
Looks great, Kier, glad I suggested this!

Quick question. I followed your instructions and it worked, but when I played with the drop down menu, it didn't display any users. Will this only work for users who register after the hack was installed?

11 Apr 2001, 22:42
It ~should~ display all users who registered at any time, before or after the hack was installed.

Bear in mind that the users it displays are only those in the 'Registered' usergroup.

M. James
13 Apr 2001, 19:39
Originally posted by Kier

Bear in mind that the users it displays are only those in the 'Registered' usergroup.
Oh really? That won't help me then, all new users to my boards are put into the Users Awaiting Email Confirmation group. Is there a way to change this?

21 Apr 2001, 19:08

$users = $DB_site->query("SELECT userid,username,joindate FROM user WHERE usergroupid=2 $datecut ORDER BY userid DESC");

To change the group it displays, change the bolded number into the group you want to load the users from..

05 Nov 2001, 20:47
This one still works. in 2.2 :)