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21 Jan 2007, 20:49
A Set of rank images for use in the postbit, based on the British Army Structure.

The graphics are based on a 160wide x 25 high pixel space. The font used is arial 10pt. I used GIMP to create these, hence files are in .png format.

The finished set are based on a brown background that fades to transparent, so it will blend back to your forum's postbit colour. I've also included a set without the background, so you can impose your own background, or use them as transparent, as you wish.

I was struggling to find anything suited to the UK, with most images I'd found being based on the US or fictitious systems. We needed something that matched our gaming clan's UK World War II genre.

Please note that the modern day army will probably have different terminology for some of the NCO or Warrant Officer ranks such as CSM and RSM. Thus some rank images may not be strictly correct. But it's as close as I can find for the moment.

You can see the images in action here (www.nthwgaming.co.uk/forum)




21 Jan 2007, 21:46
haha nice

Good with this: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=104475

27 Mar 2007, 17:37
Good stuff mate!