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23 Jan 2007, 09:21
I just became a member of a fairly new site. This site is known as XUS (Xbox User Space). This site has grown alot in a little time. It is now home to over 1000 members. This site has many features, including a big profile system that has many features in itself. This includes a customizable profile url. I decided that I would like it if my members could have the link to their personal profile in their postbit. So I made my first official mod.

First off, you must make a profile field.
Do this by logging into your AdminCP and going to,
User Profile Fields > Add New User Profile Field
Fill out the info as needed. No specifics really.

Next you must edit your postbit or postbit_legacy template.
Again done in the AdminCP.
Styles & Templates > Style Manager > Edit Templates > postbit_legacy(or postbit)

In the template
<div>$post[icqicon] $post[aimicon] $post[msnicon] $post[yahooicon] $post[skypeicon]Right after $post[skypeicon] add a space and add this:
<if condition="$post[field13]"><A HREF="$post[field13]"><img src="http://www.domain.com/forum/image_name.png" alt="Xbox User Space Profile: $post[field13]"></if></a>Change the red to the profile field number.
Change the green to the url of the image you plan to see on your postbit.

Screenshot is in attachments.

I have attached an image I use on my site for anyone that doesn't wish to make their own.

24 Jan 2007, 05:56
Nice one Twilkey!!! AHAHA

09 Feb 2007, 09:45
Sorry for the inconvenience on the demo, I didn't realize you needed to register to see it. So I just added a screen shot. Enjoy.