View Full Version : User Ranks for Postbit (Addition to Army Rank Files)

04 Feb 2007, 18:54
Alright, As an addition to the "Army Ranks for Postbit" graphic set I posted, I am posting these Forum Rank graphics which can easily be added to vbulletin.

NOTE: If you are using both the "Army Ranks for Postbit" and these graphics, there is a specific order the usergroups have to be in, in order to make it look right

For Example, if you want these graphics on top of the Army Rank then make these user groups AFTER the Army rank usergroups, so if you want this image to be on the bottom (underneath army rank) then make these usergroups FIRST and then add the Army Rank Usergroups.

The following images were created for a Counter Strike Clan website (www.unitedbadboys.org) you can view a demo of the images (with the army rank graphics) at that site. I am more than happy to add ranks for you if you dont see what you need below


-Chris Grasty

04 Feb 2007, 19:08
The original "Army ranks for postbit" thread is located here


04 Feb 2007, 19:17
Nice set :)

25 Jun 2007, 17:06
Great THX !!! looks great