View Full Version : Slave DB Server Recommendations?

07 Feb 2007, 19:56
I'm considering making the plunge to add a secondary slave DB server to facilitate searches and forum backups. I'm wondering what kind of specs I can get by with, and what would be ideal. $$ is going to be an issue... Is it important to match the performance/specs of the primary DB server?

My current setup:

Apache server = Opteron 250 / 2G Ram / 10k RPM SCSI's Raid 1

DB server = Dual Opteron 250's / 4G RAm / 15k RPM SCSI's Raid 1


08 Feb 2007, 07:33
I have sent you a private message :)

22 Feb 2007, 23:49
Interested in information related to this as well....

17 Mar 2007, 12:42
slave db server does not necessarily have to be matched with the master.

If I had to do this, I would first change the RAID 1 to RAID 10 and add more RAM (if needed) to the existing db server.

18 Mar 2007, 06:11
What is the size of your forums? Who is your host for the existing servers?