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09 Feb 2007, 13:32
This modification moves the checkbox within the forum rules that a user reads when registering to your forums. This forces them to at least scroll through the rules before skipping by.

Idea by: boeserwolf

Pretty quick and easy, just one file edit to "register_rules".

This should really help those boards that have alot of rules they wish users would at least skim through before skipping by :)

12 Feb 2007, 14:57
nice work:)

14 Feb 2007, 04:02
Can this also help me change the colors of the forum rules without changing other things?

If so, how?

21 Feb 2007, 19:12
The font color of the forum rules comes from the "page" setting in your styles and templates.

You can either change the color of the font in your page setting of your style.

Or you can change this

<div class="page" style="border:thin inset; padding:$stylevar[cellpadding]px;<if condition="!is_browser('konqueror')"> height:175px; overflow:auto</if>">

to a different class, for example to use alt1 (one of the main background/font colors of user's posts) you would change it to

<div class="alt1" style="border:thin inset; padding:$stylevar[cellpadding]px;<if condition="!is_browser('konqueror')"> height:175px; overflow:auto</if>">

You can see where I changed class="page" to class="alt1"

I would suggest changing your setting rather then changing the class though as if you are having an issue with the text being hard to read in the rules box, there is a good chance that you are having other issues on your site with visibility that you may not be aware of :)

20 Apr 2007, 10:59
Lovely, I've been searching for something like that for months. So simple!


14 Jun 2007, 17:22
when I applied this mod ( a great idea) my rules disappeared adn only a checkbox sits in the rules box now. the rules are gone. Could you update this hack to work with 3.6.7

thanks, Gread mod

14 Jun 2007, 17:31
I ansswered my own question. All you have to do is the following:
in the register_rules template

Find:<div><label for="cb_rules_agree"><input type="checkbox" name="agree" id="cb_rules_agree" value="1" /><strong><phrase 1="$vboptions[bbtitle]">$vbphrase[read_agree_abide_by_rules]</phrase></strong></label></div>

Now cut and paste it right below this code in the same template. : <!-- regular forum rules -->
<phrase 1="$vboptions[forumhome].php$session[sessionurl_q]" 2="$vboptions[bbtitle]">$vbphrase[forum_rules_description]</phrase>

This code appears in the same order in the template... one is right below the other. hope that makes sense.