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14 Feb 2007, 13:34
Hi all, I created the Heaven Style for ACP

To Install :

1- Unzip “vBulletin_Heaven.zip” and upload “vBulletin_Heaven_Style” folder to cpstyles in your forums folder (forum/cpstyles)
2- Before Logging into your Admin control panel use the option button to select this style.
3- Login and make sure you click install...

14 Feb 2007, 22:10
Looks very bright :)

Thanks for this!

14 Feb 2007, 23:53
wow looking very nice your avatar :D:D
thanks for the style :)

Pc 1203
21 May 2007, 21:33
Can I have the cp_logo PSD?

21 May 2007, 22:13
Beautiful skin, thank you, Sofia! Only way I'd love it more was if it was pink!

04 Jun 2007, 19:11
thanks Sofia;)

12 Mar 2008, 07:18
Very nice.

Hope you don't mind - after such a long time - that someone is still using it :D

I've just updated the CSS file a little bit, changed the background image properties that the repeat works (VB 3.6.8 + FF 2 / IE7).
I've also changed the font sizes to EM values to honor any user set preferences instead of pixel values.

Tested & working & attached. Feel free to use :) Just rename the TXT file to CSS

28 Apr 2008, 05:24
Thank you :)