View Full Version : ~~ How to delete all games at once ?? ~~

22 Feb 2007, 12:24
Hi !

I installed IBProARcade v2.5.9+ on my new VBulletin board , it works really nice , but I got a problem :

I tried to install some nice v3arcade games , but as I used the " Install all " option to install a lot of them , my connection timed out.

So I did the same " Install all " , and it worked , but the problem is it woked also the first time , so now I have all games twice in my arcade.

So I decided to prune all these games , but it takes hours , because there is an " Install All " option , but not an " Uninstall All " option.

Is there any way , maybe as an SQL command , to delete these games from Arcade ???

Thanks so much by advance !!

22 Feb 2007, 13:53
In your
/arcade folder in FTP
Either in /arcade/zip or /arcade/tar
Just view the games you want and delete them :|

22 Feb 2007, 14:59
Hmm , this wouldn't have been enough , as there is game data stored in the database , and also the swf version of the game stored directly in arcade directory.

I solved my problem , I uninstalled everything and installed the hack again.

Thanks for your answer ...