View Full Version : Any big boards using the vbshout box?

25 Feb 2007, 20:11
Is anyone using the vb shoutbox(version 2.1 flatfile) on there large forums. I have 15,500 members, With 15-20 in the shoutbox the site crashes every single time. With the shoutbox disabled the loads are no more then 1.0. Soon as I turn it on and people start to use it it goes all the way up to 6.0 and memory gets up to 90 percent. Do any of you guys use this hack, if so what did you have to do to get it to handle large amounts of traffic?

25 Feb 2007, 20:13
Have you tried the flatfile version at vbhackers.com? It does not use the database to pull the displayed shouts, just used the database for the archive. You also might want to clear them shouts once in a while.

26 Feb 2007, 16:10
forget about it, the Shoutbox is a high ressources eater, get some clustered servers in order to work it on a big board, otherwise just forget it :p

01 Mar 2007, 09:31
I'm using the Flat File version from vbhackers.com. I think it's 2.1.

I have up to 50 members on at a time and it seems ok.

Something was crashing my server by maxing out the memory but it's been fine for weeks and the shoutbox has been running.

The Archive page is slow though when there is a lot of shouts. This page could be what is causing the crash?