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26 Feb 2007, 10:13
I have noticed every now and then that my server load spikes. I have not come up with an explanation for it, although though this did cross my mind: I have around 30,000 users and over 3 million posts.

I have a thread with 45,000 post and 191,000 views. Would this alone cause a big load? Also, if say 500 people have posted to it and say half have email notification turned on, that would cause quite a few subscription emails to be sent out. Could this thread alone be the cause of my load problems.

I have noticed over the last 10 days that the server has been fine and spotted this morning that no posts to this thread have been made during this period. Coincidence? This thread have been going for ages and I don’t want to close it, but I know it will come back to life again soon. Could it really be the cause of server load spikes?

Also, would it be possible for me to run a sql command to unsubscribe all users from that thread?

Many thanks.


Also - another thought. Would it be possible to run a sql command to switch off global email notification for all users who have not visited the forum in x days?

26 Feb 2007, 15:12
there was a very good topic for that at vbulletins support forum but i couldn't find it now as I made a quick search. In there they where writing that topics shouldn't have over 3000 posts in order not to eat server ressource, especially mysql.

maybe I find it again and I will copy you the link here...

17 Mar 2007, 11:38
Large threads will certainly cause high load on the db. Enable the slow query log on your mysql.

16 Jul 2007, 12:34
Then I guess the thread in my spam section (post count turned off) on my site where the members are trying to get to a million posts is a bad idea :D