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08 Mar 2007, 15:54
I've been with Dreamhost for nearly a month now and I'm looking for a new host. My board has picked up lately and will likely continue to grow - fairly large. I've run into problems with using too much of the server load - Averaging around 8-12, and peaking very high (around 30).

Ideally I'd like a host capable of supporting around 150 members online at one time, with occasional spikes.

I'm not looking to do it myself as I haven't a clue how to run/manage a sever. I've been looking into the mediatemple grid server but I've read mixed reviews. Also, I'm unsure of it's ability to support my needs (with their limit of 1000 GPU's).

I would also like to have full control panel features, etc.

Can anyone give me some advice/examples?

26 Mar 2007, 12:53
i have around that same amount of users on my site, and not nearly that level of load, what server specs are you on!?!?