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11 Mar 2007, 20:47

USAGE: display replies/views of a thread on top of the display, below the navbar... it is a different use of the "forum description block"... as that block is not displayed on showthreads.

the X replies is the same as in threadbits, so when you click on it, the "Who Posted" popup is... poping'up...!

EDITS: This hack can be enhanced with a lot of details, but actually was requested by "nobody", so it is very simple...

SCREENSHOT: see the attached screenshot for an idea of what it is used for at first.

REASON: reason why i post this?!... because i think it's a feature that is not exploided enough on vB... stats!

CODERS: be happy, i give everybody the right to modify and use this hack for any kind of use.. :)

11 Mar 2007, 20:51
hum, viewing the Similar Mod elements, i see that "Thread Stats w/ Title In ShowThread" is doing something "similar"... but my tool look KOOLER, is a product, WITHOUT ANY EDITS!

11 Mar 2007, 23:06
How can I edit the template manually? I would rather place the info somewhere else.

11 Mar 2007, 23:33
you're used to products, why don't you take a look ?

12 Mar 2007, 07:52
Can this Be Modified so We can get the Statistics for User Thread View / Reply ratio?

I think it has the element to so. Any takers?

12 Mar 2007, 08:58
can you explain your ratio thing, i don't see the element of it now... (ok, it's 4:58am here!)

12 Mar 2007, 19:14
you're used to products, why don't you take a look ?

Sure I can, and I will now I guess. I know I could work it out I just assumed you may know the variable off-hand to save me the trouble (as I'm by no means adept).

Nevermind. Thanks for the hack anyway.

12 Mar 2007, 20:19
ok, i can explain.. lol

it is not a template edit... i use the existing (non-used) variables about foruminfo, and activate its display on showthread... if you want to do this by yourself, you'd be better use different variables than the ones in my hack, because as these are default variables, they will be used where they belong anyway...

Reeve of shinra
12 Mar 2007, 20:43
Thank you for sharing!

13 Mar 2007, 10:58
can you explain your ratio thing, i don't see the element of it now... (ok, it's 4:58am here!)

Ok user views the thread. but does not reply.

so his reply ratio is 1 view : 0 reply

this is useful in catching lurkers. the more he open threads and does not reply, the higher his ratio.

the computation is by percentage. so example u view 2 threads, and reply only to one thread so ur reply ratio is 50 percent. if u view 10 threads and reply only to one thread, then ur reply ratio is 10 percent.

18 Mar 2007, 13:04
Does this work well with other stat hacks?

Atakan KOC
25 Mar 2007, 18:54

01 Apr 2007, 23:10

yeah, i was hit by Atakan's Thanks fury!!!