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17 Mar 2007, 14:17
St Patrick's Day style is now 100% completed, tested and available free to all vb.org members.

A green style with St Patrick Day images with curved tops and bottoms..

99% of the vB images were changed to match or replaced.

Our Standard on all styles:
The style wont' stop after the 1st few main pages .
the Style is continued thru the entire style : user CP , FAQs' , calendar even the admin and moderation menus .
We do the entire style as best as vBulletin will allow .
Fixed and Fluid versions available.
Works with both postbit and postbit legacy.
Layered psds for the buttons , header and any others we used to make the style as you see it .
( Fonts used are included )

We will edit the standard header to have your name instead of ours .
24/7 support via our own forums - limited support given here at vb.org.
Sub forums in columns on forum home .
Thread starter and new mail indicators .
Hue shifted post icons . ( are set to work on this style only and not your other styles )
Additional zip holding all psd's.

For full live demos:-
Fluid Demo (http://gfxstyles.com/forum/forum.php?styleid=234)
Fixed Demo (http://gfxstyles.com/forum/forum.php?styleid=232)

Please leave our link in this style.
Purchase of copyright removal available upon request.

Support will only be given to those who have clicked install.

17 Mar 2007, 18:03
Shame this wasnt released before st pats day ^^q

17 Mar 2007, 18:10
Shame this wasnt released before st pats day ^^q
Its still good though :)

17 Mar 2007, 18:49
It was supposed to be. Unfortunately, I was ill mid week - during the time when I wanted to get it finished.. then I found out I was pregnant again and have added morning sickness to the grotty cold I was already suffering from and then my styling partner's computer died too...... the best laid plans and all that .. but as we'd done most of the work, we finished it off this morning and released it anyway.... It'll work for Celtic based sites regardless :)

18 Mar 2007, 19:23
Downloading and hoping it will still work come next year. ;)

18 Mar 2007, 22:28
It'll be updated along with our other styles each time vB releases a new version, so it should be okay :)

Atakan KOC
29 Mar 2007, 08:05

01 Apr 2007, 18:45
I definitely use this great skin for my forum... thank you very much ..

17 Mar 2008, 07:32
Thanks for all your work - this looks great on our forum!!!

And congrats on the pregnancy:)