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Ben P
28 Mar 2007, 21:40
I'm curious how people are handling server administration. Do you use one individual admin full-time or part-time, multiple admins, managed hosting, or do you do it yourself? We have 15 forums on 6 servers at the moment, and have a combination of support from our colo provider for hardward installs and reboots, a server support company for upgrades and troubleshooting, and myself for vbulletin & mod installs/upgrades.
Does anyone want to share how they're handling support?


28 Mar 2007, 22:51
... good questions... i suppose our pm discussion brought you some questions... ;)

on myself, i prefer having someone to take care of the server-side, and someone administer the forum-side...

also, i usually use the host support service instead of hiring someone to do so... the host usually know the machine and can support on-site... anybody else can make trouble, because i'm never sure if i can have confidence in that person... that's why i never use external resources to do internal jobs... :)

29 Mar 2007, 17:31
The company I work for runs about a dozen forums. We keep the administration separated into two sections. I handle all of the server administration and another employee handles all of the front-end work (to include vBulletin upgrades).

While it is possible to have more than one forum admin, I would strongly recommend against multiple server admins (at least in as far as multiple admins that are responsible for the same servers). I have worked in that situation before and no good will ever come of it.

29 Mar 2007, 18:00
When I first started my site, I was naive and figured I would never have to touch the server and all I would have to do was tinker with vbulletin. Haha! The site grew rather quickly and we got thrown onto our own dedicated server within a couple of months. I quickly learned how to do some things on the server (restarted apache or mysql, do minor things in webmin, watch server loads and change the configuration files), but just recently we outgrew that server and had to move to a two server configuration (one for apache/php and the other for mysql). I did not feel up to the task and luckily the host suggested I use AdminGeekZ to install all the necessary applications and move us to the new server. Boy am I ever glad that I did that! So, now I will use them to do any upgrades for the server and security measures for our server and go back to just tinkering with vbulletin.