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Contest Master
01 Apr 2007, 05:00
Which Modification should win this months MOTM contest ?

It's you who decides.

01 Apr 2007, 05:02
gXboxLive - Xbox Live Leaderboard

01 Apr 2007, 09:15
WOW - not an easy decision this month - Have to think about this one...
I know I'm really happy about the Cool-Reg Ajax hack - but I've been wanting to test the vB Mail System...


ps - good luck EVERYONE ;)

01 Apr 2007, 09:17
Whats wrong with "Admin Mass Private Message System for vB 3.6"? The Link does not work

Paul M
01 Apr 2007, 11:28
That modification moved to a new thread during the month, the system picked up the old thread. I have re-pointed it at the new one.

01 Apr 2007, 11:36
vBMS : vBulletin Mail System

01 Apr 2007, 15:36
that's bad i'm too late with my Points system.. lol

Paul M
01 Apr 2007, 16:55
that's bad i'm too late with my Points system.. lolAnyone can nominate as many modifications they want each month (unless it's in the vote) so you are never too late.

Mr Chad
01 Apr 2007, 22:29
wow my mod got into the vote :D

02 Apr 2007, 07:44
EMail for inactive users, brings dead forums alive!

Gratz Chad. :P

Edit: nexialys, i nominated your mod for MOTM yesteday, obviously failed.. but i guess its not good yet as its new! :D Getting better but :)

02 Apr 2007, 16:04
I like all of them, but the mass PM mod is probably the most useful to me. My members may like the XBL leaderboard and the mail system though. Nice job on all these. Good luck to all!

02 Apr 2007, 20:23
Oooh, I'm just happy to have been nominated. Thanks to the nominators :D

Michael Biddle
03 Apr 2007, 06:22
AJAX / Cool Registration (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=142181)

05 Apr 2007, 20:19
vBMS, that's for sure! :D

05 Apr 2007, 22:20
AJAX / Cool Registration ;)

05 Apr 2007, 22:28

Please be aware that any internal or external rallying for votes will result in immediate disqualification of your Mod from the competition.

1. Global Guidelines:
1. No coder may rally for nominations or votes for their modifications internally on vbulletin.org or externally. Any evidence proving this will result in the modifications disqualification from the contest.

06 Apr 2007, 20:20
vBMS : vBulletin Mail System

06 Apr 2007, 23:55
vBMS Defenetlly

Paul M
07 Apr 2007, 20:56
With reference to the rule posted above by Kall, we have investigated a reported instance of rallying and as a result the AJAX / Cool Registration has been disqualified from this months vote.

07 Apr 2007, 21:41
As per this rule:

Public discussions of staff decisions are not permitted on the site. If you have any concerns or queries relating to a staff decision, please take it up in private with a member of the site administration team.

Please send all concerns of staff actions via Private Message.

08 Apr 2007, 15:10
Shouldn't the next most voted for mod be put into the poll now?

And, just out of curiosity, does this mean someone could rally for a mod outside of the authors knowledge, just to get it disqualified?

09 Apr 2007, 00:28
absolutely the email reminder for inactive members!

09 Apr 2007, 16:52
Well I voted finally LOL
Email reminder for inactive users

It really is a most useful modification and I think should be standard for vBulletin. I've had many "old, nonposting" Members become ACTIVE participants of JPiC Forum by virtue of this modification. I likes it!


09 Apr 2007, 17:11
Shouldn't the next most voted for mod be put into the poll now?

They would be cheated out of potential votes because people who have already voted may have voted for that 5th mod. They would also be cheated out of a full month of exposure.

Paul M
09 Apr 2007, 17:29
We have no record of who would be next, once the vote has been created, all the nominations are cleared ready for this month.

09 Apr 2007, 17:38
I vote for Email reminder for inactive users
Great hack :)

10 Apr 2007, 22:13
vBulletin Mail System :)

11 Apr 2007, 10:45
Email reminder

Oblivion Knight
17 Apr 2007, 13:30
gXboxLive Leaderboard

A very nice Xbox Live integrated modification for vBulletin. I'd love to see more of these!

18 Apr 2007, 08:04
Thought I have seen it on some, these votes would be more interesting with links to the mod.

Marco van Herwaarden
18 Apr 2007, 08:38
The poll options are links to the modifications.

18 Apr 2007, 17:31
hehe :D

22 Apr 2007, 15:14
lol, here it is towards the end of the month and I just now realized I'd been nominated :p *smacks self*

22 Apr 2007, 21:57
vBulletin Mail System is quite cool

29 Apr 2007, 21:42
Email reminder for inactive users for my side

30 Apr 2007, 06:25
Email reminder for inactive users, this is a great mod and is getting my vote...


C Braithwaite
03 May 2007, 00:13
Thanks all who voted - never in my life would I have imagined i'd be even up for MOTM, let alone win it!