View Full Version : [BOTM April 2007] Voting Poll

01 Apr 2007, 19:22
This voting poll will run until the 30th April 2007.

The following boards have been directly selected:
vBCoderz (http://www.vbcoderz.com) (6 seconds)
Poetry in Color Forum (http://jpicforum.info/index-1.php) (4 seconds)
The World of Necrotania (http://www.necrotania.com) (2 seconds)
STOnet (www.startrek-online.net/messageboard) (2 seconds)
Computer Forumz.org (www.computerforumz.org) (2 seconds)

Good luck to all the selected boards.

03 May 2007, 20:52
Congratulations vBCoderz (http://www.vbcoderz.com) for winning BOTM April!