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07 Apr 2007, 18:46
I have designed a new Style with a beautiful idea

so take a look and tell me what do u think

click here (http://www.iqmaster.net/vb/index.php?styleid=23)

download English Desighn

All the best,

07 Apr 2007, 18:59
Well being english its hard to get used to how things are laid out the way you read.. But the colors are nice.

07 Apr 2007, 19:07
I don't get it?

07 Apr 2007, 20:47
I don't get what this is style is, it's not in english and I can't really see whats going on

07 Apr 2007, 21:33
I quite like it, shame about the database errors when i click on things though :(
Think i will give it a shot and see what it looks like in English :)

07 Apr 2007, 21:40
Edit: Oh dear,
Some of the langauge is far from English :(
The forums are aligned to the left,
Its far too wide....
Theres a file thats wants to overwrite a default file :(
Avatars aint in the avatar box :(
Images are not as they should be:(
Instructions in erm, well Not English anyway lol

Other than that, its fine, oh yeah, erm....Will be removing, thanks anyway :)

08 Apr 2007, 01:15
That's really awesome if you can create an English version of it. Looks so great!

08 Apr 2007, 07:46
I like the way you design it, the only problem is that I don't get it, I mean I can't read your forum content. Anyway, I don't really care about the language though, all I care about is the design. Will try to download this skin sometimes.
Are the button all in Arabic language as well?

08 Apr 2007, 08:32
thank you for your comments on the subject, and I will change it English and try to finish it today

09 Apr 2007, 13:22
it looks good m8 nice work :)

09 Apr 2007, 20:20
finaly i chang the design to English

Download it from the attached files

13 Apr 2007, 08:31
Yeah, this is an awesome theme. The design looks rather brilliant. Haven't seen anything like this before. I've just downloaded it, and will be installing it and testing it shortly. Great work, belal_najjar.

13 Apr 2007, 10:01
Well, its nice belal , but as they said there's an error in database when browsing the forums , also having sections with 3 forums and others with 4 makes it look bad ..

i have seen this hack installed on Arabic forum before but you design is really nice , try to fix the errors and i may suggest to use a photo instead of forum topic and title to make it more elegant

13 Apr 2007, 17:24
This style is just ok only when viewing the forum home and it's not translated to English completely. However, the demo is actually GREAT! I hope to have it in English or have .psd files to translate.
THANK YOU so much for the style. Keep going on and I hope the later version will be much better :)

14 Apr 2007, 12:31
thanku all

i fixed the errors

i changed the design to English
see the post nomber 11