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07 Apr 2007, 19:14
Hey Guys

Moving forward on the shy styles chain.

I want to congratulate all the Christians around the world for these holy days and wanted to give them this present from me which is an Easter Style I've noticed that there is no easter style around inn the styles section and Iraqi chirstians are celebrating it so I thought about making it

You are gonna find all the files in the ZIP file
Just upload them into www.yoursite.com/vb/styles/mr.easter/.......

Hope you like it

You might need to change the banners pictures name so that it suits your forums coz my programming are dircection=rtl
So my page starts from right.

For live demo click here !!! (http://www.mriraq.com/vb/?styleid=42)

at last i want to thank the one who inspired me for all my work in all the shy styles the woman colored mylife


07 Apr 2007, 19:19

"For live demo click here !!!"

But there is NOTHING there. I guess you forgot the link. look forward to seeing the skin

07 Apr 2007, 19:24
sorry i've typed it in microsoft word and i think the hyperlink didn't transfer from there


07 Apr 2007, 19:51
Very nice. Good work

07 Apr 2007, 19:52
thank you so much