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11 Apr 2007, 08:39
Hi guys,

I've managed to generate a small but good community on our forums through friends and existing communities I visit.

I'm looking to expand this into a bigger community but am struggling on my marketing tactics... more so; what my next step should be etc. Generating interest from people that know you is an easy task, and getting them to tell their friends is simple enough. But attracting strangers I can see being a daunting task (I must admit I've not set out even trying as of yet as I don't want to form a crippled reputation).

I'm wondering if I could liaise with someone who has been through this and can give me some pointers? I run a general discussion board. I consistently upgrade and maintain the forum and am on it most of my waking life to ensure that activity is kept consistent.

11 Apr 2007, 13:08
You should make sure you are in the search engines. You're pretty vague on what type of site it is, but if its not a common interest site, or generic in manner, you may look into purchasing adwords.

Link to the site?

12 Apr 2007, 07:58
It's http://www.shensation.com

Be aware it contains adult humour and statements people may find offencive.

The structure is pretty much laid out by the various forums, it's basically a general discussion forum.

14 Apr 2007, 16:30
I focused on making my members meet in real life- it has made a big difference.

14 Apr 2007, 16:39
I focused on making my members meet in real life- it has made a big difference.

This is really very very important. Believe me this makes the community irresistable and friendlier.