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15 Apr 2007, 18:55
A new addition to my collection of Skin release come the mighty Anti-Freeze, a seemingless array of crystal blues and whites with a smooth look and a flashy design, i hope this skin turns many heads.

This is i think the Fifth Skin i've released here and hopefully its my best yet, i want it to rival my popular proboards black theme.

Anyways i've always liked the blue color so i decided to make a theme using my favourite ellement....ICE. i've re-designed and re-colored the default vB buttons to fit this skin and i think they look rather cool, sure there still the default ones but i don't think this skin would look any better with different ones. the re-color went well.

Anyways your comments and critisism is welcome to help me improve for future skins.

i hope you'll all find this skin useful.

please note, there may be some errors in this skin as it uses some features that i used on my boards.in the unlikely event should you run into any problems please post them here and i'll try to explain how to remove or add things, the errors will more than likely be simple template edits for small hacks to which i could not include in this mod.

Remember to show your support by clicking the INSTALL button.

Any donations welcome:

UPDATE: new XML available for download which adds the skin with NO extra template changes, since in the other one it had all my hacks i had on there.

15 Apr 2007, 18:58
No files uploaded?

15 Apr 2007, 19:18
i was busy uploading them ^_^

15 Apr 2007, 20:07
tenks... special.....

15 Apr 2007, 22:14
nice thanks

16 Apr 2007, 09:05
Nice work...

17 Apr 2007, 20:39
thanks guys ^_^ glad you like it.

18 Apr 2007, 07:21
Thanks,nice style.Installed.

20 Apr 2007, 19:36
i'm glad people like it.

21 Apr 2007, 21:19
installed it on my board...

but just one request...

can you please upload the png for the banner....:D

26 Apr 2007, 16:38
oops sorry i forgot to include that *goes to upload*

EDIT: if you wish to edit the banner i'm afraid i don't have the PSD for it anymore, i'll upload the GIF i have.

26 Apr 2007, 16:42
hey forgive the pun but this skin looks.. COOL!

03 May 2007, 08:42
Nice skin, But I noticed you left all your hack code in it (Like some RPG Thing). I had difficulty adding some stuff as the code was changed to much.

03 May 2007, 08:59
Nice skin, any chance of re buildling it without your mods. e.g. revert some template i.e. navbar. Cheers

03 May 2007, 16:36
ahh sorry guys i forgot about all that, i'f you bare with me i'll make the new XML file with non of the hacks in it. i'll update it ASAP.

EDIT: Skin updated.

10 May 2007, 15:26
it's beautiful
thx a lot

11 May 2007, 03:07
its very cute
i will upload to my site, thank u very much

12 May 2007, 14:38
Will this work in 3.6.4?

15 Jun 2007, 05:31
installed very nice.

16 Jun 2007, 02:50
Nice skin, i love it.. i have a question how to move this log (red arrow) to the left? thanks


10 Nov 2007, 12:35
Hmmm its been a while since i made a skin it'll be a <center> tag in one of the forum display templates. try looking in FORUMHOME

find this:

<!-- what's going on box -->
<table class="tborder" cellpadding="$stylevar[cellpadding]" cellspacing="$stylevar[cellspacing]" border="0" width="100%" align="center">

And replace with this:
<!-- what's going on box -->
<table class="tborder" cellpadding="$stylevar[cellpadding]" cellspacing="$stylevar[cellspacing]" border="0" width="100%" align="left">

that should work.

11 Nov 2007, 17:33
dont work with 3.6.8 ;(