View Full Version : Vbulletin.org?

16 Apr 2007, 20:54
Hehe. :)

I know it's a lot but, I'm wondering how much bandwidth this site uses per month. (On average.) How big is the database size? How big is the disk size? Also, does it run on multiple servers? How big is the administrating team? (Administrating as the technical team/people who manage the servers.)

This is a pretty huge site and there are at least 900-1,000 people online at any given time. Downloads, images, scripts, and more; owie. :p

Paul M
16 Apr 2007, 21:28
We don't control the servers it runs on (they are Jelsofts) so I can't actually answer most of them. The database (inc indexes) is just under 1GB.

18 Apr 2007, 08:43
must be quite a lot then again, Jelsoft must have very top notch high end servers.

21 Apr 2007, 20:03
It's in Jelsoft's interest to have fast servers. People expect to be able to download vBulletin and browse the vBulletin.com and .org sites quickly after paying for the software.

22 Apr 2007, 00:03
actually, any logical developper like Jelsoft split the job to different servers...

one for the downloads, one for the documentation, one for the community, one for the support, etc... you can't have a community that big with all these downloads and server intense processes in a single machine, even for a 12teraflops...

22 Apr 2007, 00:39
Well, I meant that their servers would be able to deliver content quickly, i.e. each server would have a low load level, i.e. each server would deal with a small task of its own.