View Full Version : Tournaments too wide for fixed width forums

17 Apr 2007, 01:21
The tournament listings and bracket displays are too wide for fixed-width forums. See http://pinataisland.info/forum/arcade.php?&do=viewtournaments

The "Tournaments waiting for players" as well as the "Tournament Ladder View" both spill out of the normal page.

20 Apr 2007, 08:15
I've updated my arcade so guests can now view it.

06 May 2007, 12:20
This is the third or fourth thread I have seen so far asking about this issue, with no answer. Does anyone know how to get rid of the "nowrap" statement so that the tables will adjust?

If I find the answer I will post it up for the rest of you all.

Here is the answer: inside of arcade/skins update the skin files.

I have two skin files, skin_Arcade.php and skin_v3Arcade.php, so here is what I updated:

<td align='center' nowrap='nowrap' class='alt1'>{$rowinfo['link']}</td>
<td align='center' nowrap='nowrap' class='alt1'><a href='{$ibforums->base_url}act=Arcade&amp;do=play&amp;gameid={$rowinfo[gid]}'>{$rowinfo['gtitle']}</a> {$ibforums->lang['tournament']}</td>
<td align='center' nowrap='nowrap' class='alt1'>{$rowinfo['numplayers']}</td>
<td align='center' nowrap='nowrap' class='alt1'>{$rowinfo['plibre']}</td>
<td align='center' nowrap='nowrap' class='alt1'>{$rowinfo['nbtries']}</td>
<td align='center' nowrap='nowrap' class='alt1'>{$rowinfo['inscrire']}</td>
<td align='center' nowrap='nowrap' class='alt1'>{$rowinfo['datestarted']}</td>
<td align='center' nowrap='nowrap' class='alt1'>{$rowinfo['creat']}</td>

replace with:
<td align='center' class='alt1'>{$rowinfo['link']}</td>
<td align='center' class='alt1'><a href='{$ibforums->base_url}act=Arcade&amp;do=play&amp;gameid={$rowinfo[gid]}'>{$rowinfo['gtitle']}</a> {$ibforums->lang['tournament']}</td>
<td align='center' class='alt1'>{$rowinfo['numplayers']}</td>
<td align='center' class='alt1'>{$rowinfo['plibre']}</td>
<td align='center' class='alt1'>{$rowinfo['nbtries']}</td>
<td align='center' class='alt1'>{$rowinfo['inscrire']}</td>
<td align='center' class='alt1'>{$rowinfo['datestarted']}</td>
<td align='center' class='alt1'>{$rowinfo['creat']}</td>

Almost forgot, there are also nowrap statements above that can be edited to suit your needs. You get the idea, though. I can post up more if needed.