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17 Apr 2007, 21:01
I have a small board with 2.5k members and of those just over 1.1k are active. I have over 800 who are still waiting to confirm, i guess due to the activation email being classed as spam.

What are your member and active member numbers? Are my numbers average?

17 Apr 2007, 21:15
im a new board 200 members

100% active

17 Apr 2007, 23:46
how is this a big board discussion?

18 Apr 2007, 00:26
Sorry, guess i should of explained a bit better. What sort of figures do the big boards have and are the percentages roughly the same across the board for medium to big boards.

If big boards have 500k members and 499k active members then I'm going wrong somewhere with mine! If they have 500k members and 350k active then the percentage is about the same if you see what i mean!?

Guess this could have gone somewhere else...admins, feel free to move it :)

18 Apr 2007, 01:17
Every board would be different.. But as you grow, you naturally have members who 'drop off' on their involvment. As you never actually delete them, your overall active members percentage would get worse and worse. The trick is to try and grow the real active members number, not necessarily the percentage of the total.

If you have many unconfirmed members, you may want to see if there is a way to automate reminders to them ( don't recall if vB has this built in ). We found doing this improves uncofirmed drop offs by 20 or 30%

18 Apr 2007, 02:18
After 90 days of inactivity, I purge "non-active" users if they have less then x amount of posts.

Usually 3.

180 days of inactivity, and they are removed no matter what.

So I usually have 95% active users.

I no longer use email verification. For two reasons, the first is anybody can get an email account in 1 minute, so it won't stop anybody trying to make "troll" accounts, and the 2nd, spam filters block them and they never can get into the site.