View Full Version : Different Template.

19 Apr 2007, 09:26
is it possible to make sum of the forums on the forumhome use a different layout template. thx in advance

19 Apr 2007, 10:25
Edit: nvm. Didn't see you say "on the forumhome" :)

I was suggesting Custom Style for this Forum in the forum options.

19 Apr 2007, 10:29
m8 i ment like forumhome_forumbit_level1_nopost/post template

19 Apr 2007, 10:43
I'm not sure what kind of different layout you mean exactly, but it could be done with if conditionals.

If you wanted a different style, here's an example: <td class="<if condition="!in_array($forumid, array(33,61))">tcat<else />alt1</if>" colspan="<if condition="$vboptions[showmoderatorcolumn]">6<else />5</if>">