View Full Version : What rewards do you give to the moderators?

24 Apr 2007, 05:26
I have around 8 moderators in my forum, and I would like to give them a reward/gift/money or something for helping me answer questions. What Kind rewards can I give to the them? Do you pay or give something to your moderators?

I'm not making lot of money from the forum, but some from the other parts of my site.

25 Apr 2007, 04:40
I was thinking of doing the same recently, but i was wanting to do a lottery system, where they get the option of entering into the lottery and then at the end of the month a winner is chosen and they win the prize. but I am needing the system coded still. any one interested ^^ in helping me code it?

This was my thought, im interested in seeing what others do as well.

25 Apr 2007, 06:58
My mods are mods for free. They just like the mod position and helping out...
But sooner or later, I do plan on giving them some kind of reward once the forum gets bigger and brings in more revenue...

Make Money?
03 May 2007, 00:39
We get offered a lot of trades for ads, software people dont like to pay much - and are hard to attract as advertisers to the site - so I let em swap software for free ads - I give the software to the moderators - they like it. (and any other free stuff) and in return I get software ad clents to help attract others.

I help moderators get discounts for equipment and try to go out of my way to try to 'hook them up'.

Bernd Glasstett
06 May 2007, 21:59
Well we do have three types of mods: Moderators which are official employees of the editors, which run official forums on our forum. They get paid - in some way - be the editors. We have some moderators for some special forums. They don't get paid. And we have SysOps, who get a reward in hosted space for private websites.

The forum isn't giving us enough revenue to regularly pay the staff. Would be nice, if it would be that way, but...

08 May 2007, 22:25
My mods moderate for free, anyone on the forum would klll to be a mod cause its a symbol of power/responsiblity. I don't think its necessary to pay/reward staff unless they show REAL, REAL, REAL dedication. Although I reward them with love everyday :)

08 May 2007, 22:27
all my mods are free.
at xmass time, i usually pick the top 3 that i think helped out the most that year and give them something on the DL.
you can tell who does the most just by visiting your board every day.

12 May 2007, 17:23
i give dem megaupload or rapidshare premiumm accounts ! :P

Michael Biddle
20 May 2007, 05:16
Well I for one would love to get paid for modding, but no, a lot of sites it is an honor to be a mod. Give them a pat on the back :D

20 May 2007, 16:41
IPuck, what I would do is buy them some Gift cards or something...maybe buy them an Amazon card or something that they might be interested. Send them some concert tickets or something. Who knows, it all kind of depends on how much you want to do for them. Don't go overboard though b/c then they will expect it all the time :) haha

22 May 2007, 15:58
i run an MMO board and i live in Ireland where i earn relatively more than my mods who live in Poland. I buy sometimes games and Pre-Paid game time Cards for my coordinators and mods when they do something really nice.

Also regulary i make them do a monkey run "who gets more content for the websites" apart from the normal promos which we do for the users

04 Jun 2007, 23:03
iAlso regulary i make them do a monkey run "who gets more content for the websites" apart from the normal promos which we do for the usersCould you explain a bit more this point?

06 Jun 2007, 21:16
I have 25 mods and every year for the holidays I get them all a $25 gift card to someplace like Best Buy or something.

Its the least I can do to say thanks for your help. :)

Frozen Tears
09 Jun 2007, 15:41
Im planning on a lottery system soon enough, but to make things intresting, its 2 dollars a ticket, but of course the tickets cost fake money. Eventually, a mod is picked and wins a prize.

All my moderators love it, they say it really wants to make them stay a mod so one day they'll win. The money goes PRETTY high too. Highest ever was 230 dollars. Hell of a check for the mod who won!

So basically, i lose some money, but keep my moderators!
But as they say,

you win some, you lose some.

10 Jun 2007, 00:40
We have about 40 mods in a 2-tier system of super mods with full board privledges, and sections mods who can only mod their section.

We just started a "mod of the month" where general members are asked to write in about why a mod deserves recognition, and then we reward with a gift of some sort.

Since we're a grocery deals board, we frequently give coupons and rebate forms to our mods as RAOKS. And we do have a few mods we want to start giving a small stipend.

We are going to start doing birthday GCs this next month as well.

Yes, it's a status thing to be a mod, but on our board, it's a lot of work too, so we really want to do the best we can by our group when we can.