View Full Version : Bulk Load Pokémon Avatars

Flame Claw
26 Apr 2007, 14:03
There's 30+ Pokémon themed avatars here. All were hand-created by me, many based off cards from the popular TCG series.

12 May 2007, 16:23
awesome work bro love them pokemons :)

13 May 2007, 15:43
Those are nice but do you have any InuYasha avatars? Love those...

Flame Claw
18 May 2007, 06:00
Nah, sorry, I don't know what InuYasha is.

21 May 2007, 17:59
It's an anime about a half dog demon/half human in the feudal era of Japan and a human girl of the modern era who falls through a well on their grounds and she goes back in time to help find the Shikon jewel shards...it's actually pretty good...it comes on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network...

10 Oct 2008, 06:40
I hope you can make more poke avatars soon.