View Full Version : [REQ] Fast change color threads using moderation menu

02 May 2007, 20:18
Adding option for moderators and admins that they can change color of thread using moderation menu this one in attachment. Admin will be able to specify colors that moderators can use admin and moderator will be able to have seperated colors like:
Mod: red, green, blue
Admin: red, gree, blue, black, pink

So mods will not be able to use admin colours. I am talking about filling all the cells i have added cells.jpg to show what cells i am talking about or make change of thread name to color. Good idea will be adding what default color will be new threads that user make. I think there is no mod/hack like this. It will be fast marking in witch threads admin or mod helped user or something else.

02 May 2007, 20:35
interesting idea for a colored forumdisplay.. :_)

02 May 2007, 20:57
Yea it will be nice trying to install threadbit_coloringv.1.01 but there is no fast change colours there is no Sorted By color :/

Maybe more easy will be adding a thread status ? There are status like closed, sticked, pool etc maybe making admin panel where you will be add new status to forum :} Like Searching... and Solved