View Full Version : "Go to last post" link on forum home and forum display not working

06 May 2007, 09:01
This is what the url looks like when I click the "go to last post" icons:


The end of the url is where the problem is, the post number is there twice.

I went to this thread--->http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=118177 and tried copying the second .htaccess code (because I'm using .html as the extension) and pasted it into MY .htaccess file. It didn't help, infact, it made my whole forum stop functioning, so please don't simply direct me to that thread because it won't help.

This is a very significant problem. Please help me.

vbulletin version: 3.6.4
vrewrite version: 1.5 beta

15 May 2007, 16:52
I'm having the same problem..

working now :)

try this :

go to : forumhome_lastpostby template .

search for :


replace with :