View Full Version : Too many connections, vB not closing connections?

07 May 2007, 23:09
I have been getting the "Too many connections" error (for some reason, a number of times since yesterday after not having that happen in a very long time). It caused me to restart mySQL a ton of times, including having to do a full reboot.

I increased the number of max connections to 500, then 1000, as it was starting to happen every few minutes and lock up MySQL completely. Of course, with that many allowed connections, this will likely slow things down on the server.

My host (I have a dedicated server) says that it appears as though one or more of the scripts is not properly closing the connection once it is done attaching to the database.

Is there any idea as to what could be causing this and/or where to turn for help? (My attempts at learning Linux and the intricacies of vB last night weren't very successful)


08 May 2007, 03:06
attempt to narrow down what script it is.

08 May 2007, 14:31
As I'm not very well versed in the ins and outs of Linux, PHP, mySQL, etc. is there any way to try and track down what script(s) may be doing this?

08 May 2007, 22:18
by default, when a script is done executing, the connection is closed.

try changing your config file to use persistent connections. there's an option in there for it.