View Full Version : What will be the best way to publish your forum?

11 May 2007, 20:15
I am for the first time running my forum on monday , Im almost done with the modifications, and making sure it works fine.. but need to advertise everywhere I can.
What would be the best way?
and i cant even see my site on any search engine, what do I need to do???:confused:

11 May 2007, 23:47
Pay... Google Adwords works. That is about the only way. You can't really do free advertisement. I spammed a few places, still do every now and then. But it doesn't really help in getting active members. So yea, pay for advertisement... that is about it.

12 May 2007, 00:21
Word of mouth works pretty well, or just get ad space on a big website.

12 May 2007, 03:30
http://dmoz.org >> Submit new URL !!!

if you don't submit your site to search engines, you will never be found!

i always submit the boards i create on dmoz.org... 2 weeks after, they are always visited by a lot of web spiders, not only google... so the more the merrier...